Our Core Mission: To help law students build competitive legal CVs

Our Core Mission: To help law students build competitive legal CVs

Legal Career Guidance and Coaching.

Coaching is for Winners

Coaching unlocks your potential, maximises your performance, and boosts your confidence and ability to reflect. Coaching has traditionally been associated with sports, with coaching seen as necessary to become a top athlete, but it has become more widespread and is seen in every area of society, including businesses and studies. As such, coaching is used to help individuals stand out from the crowd,


Some Secrets are not for the keeping… So I created The Future Lawyers Secret Chambers — an ONGOING dedicated space for students who are serious about taking their legal career to the highest level, and will benefit from support throughout the month, even from the first year all the way to post-grad.

Our Live Group Coaching calls for this month are on Monday 15 May [Topic: You Need A Plan] and Monday 29 May [Topic: The Best Building Tools for the plan] at 6.30 PM.

As soon as you join you get access to a private coaching portal. Sign up on our Membership Page.

Law students are  generally headed in the same direction but no two journeys are the same. Every person deserves to have access to the information needed to become a lawyer regardless of their background.

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Types Of Practice Areas

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A dedicated space for future lawyers where we: Demystify the process of becoming a lawyer – Save you time – Build your professional portfolio.

We provide deep insight into the profession. Those with meaningful connections in the profession- a parent or a family friend- are more likely to progress within the profession. A lack of information results in weaker applications.

We are committed to providing information which is needed by all law students and graduates.

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Detailed instruction on accessing career opportunities, Popular Recommendations:

Raising the student’s profile and building professional confidence.

We provide each future lawyer with the personalised tools they need to develop the confidence and experience to build a competitive legal CV.

What our customers say: “The program helped me improve my legal writing skills, and increased my engagement with the legal profession …”

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