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We are committed to the future of the Bar- increasing access to it and making it more diverse.

Aspiring barristers are headed in the same direction but no two journeys are the same. We assign a unique P.A.L.* to each person- our revolutionary way of making each work experience recommendation tailored to your needs and circumstances. You can only do short-term placements? Then your P.A.L. will only guide you to these experiences and will  provide support throughout the process.

Every person deserves to have access to the information needed to become a barrister regardless of their background. Let us get you a P.A.L. for the journey!

*Pupillage Achievement Ladder

Demystify the process

We are a team of barristers, lawyers and legal professionals who have deep insight into the profession. Those with meaningful connections at the Bar- a parent or a family friend- are more likely to progress within the profession. A lack of information results in weaker applications which in turn results in a less diverse profession.
We are committed to providing information which is needed by all aspiring barristers.

Save you time

We make your life easier. We combine excellent customer service and choose the work experience which fits best our clients.
In a recent survey, most aspiring barristers indicated that they struggled to choose the ideal work experience. This is in addition to not having enough time to search in the first place! We are easy to work with and the process allows you to achieve at your own pace.

Build Competitive Legal Portfolio

Knowing what to do is half of the work. Having a designated account manager and personal dashboard where all of your work experiences are neatly organised and easily accessible reduces stress and builds your confidence as your climb the ladder of success.

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We love that the Bar is advocating for increased diversity in the profession. Our response to the call for action is to provide each future barrister with the personalised tools they need to build competitive pupillage portfolios regardless of their backgrounds.

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What is (Was) The BCAT?

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What is the BCAT?

What is (Was) The BCAT?

The Bar Course Aptitude Test (BCAT) is no longer a requirement for students intending to apply for and undertake the Bar course. It was previously a requirement for students to

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Assess the Ladder

Sign up and complete an assessment form so we can match you with an expert adviser. This is followed by a one-to-one call to understand your needs even better.

Climb the Ladder

We assign a P.A.L. to you so that all you need to do is enjoy building your portfolio. You will no longer need to spend days searching for the ideal work experience. You are well prepared and supported from the application process all the way to on-the-day(s).

Top of the Ladder

Our team of experts provide feedback. We help you incorporate the completed experiences into cover letters and job application forms including pupillage. Our support does not end at the top, we listen to you and work with you as needed.

Build your portfolio with confidence

The journey to the bar is unique to each future barrister. We have built Align to make work experience recommendations which are tailored to each aspiring barrister.

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Needed by UK
Law Graduates and Students

Align has created a space where information relevant to the progression of aspiring lawyers is easily accessible. It is the stepping stone we never knew we needed.
T. Jouavel
Align would have benefitted me during the LLB as I would have gained the necessary advice and guidance to be able to pursue the BPTC(Bar Course) at soonest.
K. Charles
As an international student in the UK with a dream of being a barrister I felt like I was dumped in the ocean with two options- sink or swim. This is because along with the pressure and stress of completing the course there is also a need to develop your CV. Align has been able to take off this additional burden and pressure for future barristers, by creating one area where you can be equipped with all that you need to develop your CV in order to further your career as a barrister. This means you now have more time for your studies.
C. Faucher
Align is a laudable idea, making information available to law students from non-traditional backgrounds facilitating access to the Bar.
Q. Ghuttliebs

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