10+ Tips for Law Students from Law Students

August 10, 2021
10+ Tips for Law Students from Law Students


I asked past and current law (LLB/BPTC/LPC) students to share the things they would do better and/or their top piece of advice. I round off with one of my top tips at #10!

Manage your time. CHERMALINE

Make connections and seek experience whether it be 1 week or 2 days at a law firm.
Plan ahead, do research so you know your next steps. KADIDRA

[I would have] managed my time better.
If you’re an aspiring barrister, start your mini-pupillage and pupillage applications asap. MASOOMI

I would have gotten involved with the law society and law related conferences that took place, ensuring that I participated and attended these conferences when they took place.
Start studying from day one! PERDITA

Keep up with the prep work because you will still need to go back to do the reading and you won’t have that time.
Explore the career even before you decide to go to law school. Dont decide to be a lawyer for superficial reasons like your parents/teacher wanted you to or thought it will be a good idea, money, prestige you think is associated with the job. Look at the statistics for getting a Training Contract/Pupillage, be realistic. QUINNETTE

Each module is different. Before writing work, speak to your teacher about structure. PLAN YOUR WORK! Get feedback on your work to use for later pieces. Find a good study/support group. But also enjoy uni too. SHANIA

From year 1, focus on the presentations and materials you’re given and realise that all essays are not the same. The structure differs for each module.
Be prepared because when exam season comes the pressure is on. I’ve just not experienced this kind of pressure, even in a work environment. It can be very challenging when you’ve got 8 or 10 assignments at one time or back to back. SONIA

Make use of the university. Learn what they have to offer because it’s usually a lot. All the material you need to get through is provided by them, for you. And if you don’t think it is [available], speak to a lecturer, they will be able to help you. Don’t let any of the resources go to waste. SUKIMA

Procrastination will be your biggest regret. Every time you put off tasks which are necessary to cultivate your legal education, you diminish your chances of being the best version of yourself. TAYNIA

#10 Rest is important. Law school can be very challenging for an international or any student who has to work alongside studies. Something which would have made a world of difference for me would have been to take at least a semester off, get a flat and other bits sorted. Ambition, drive, willpower, grit, these are all excellent and needed but we must take care of the mind as well. Rest, play, take a walk, run, something other than work and study. But work and study hard too, law school is intense, it’s meant to be. NEIVE

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Thank you to all our contributors. Share in the comments if you find any piece particularly helpful and let us know your top 10+ Tips for Law Students from Law Students and struggles too!

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