All About The Pupillage Gateway

April 8, 2022
What is the pupillage gateway?

The Gateway is a pupillage recruitment platform which is designed for Bar (and other law) students to submit their applications to Chambers or organisations of their choice, you can read up on What is Pupillage. Applicants are able to submit their applications via an online system which over 50% of Authorised Education and Training Organisations (AETO) use to administer their pupillage recruitment process. Applicants can find out more on how to search for Pupillage vacancies on the Gateway website.

How to Apply

First and foremost, applicants can search for vacancies within the online platform after creating an account.  Afterwards, it is possible to view all the vacancies or to filter the vacancies by location, application method, deadline and practice areas. Filtering vacancies by application method will divide the vacancies advertised into AETOs who accept application forms via the Gateway only, and those who require an application form, CV and/or cover letter to be submitted directly to that AETO (by email). You are also able to bookmark vacancies of your choice for easy access.

Before submitting an application

The Gateway supplies an Applicant User Guide which helpfully break down how to navigate the platform. Applicants can also download a practice application form to draft responses. It can be helpful to practice filling this information in before starting any applications. Information which is saved on the platform using the practice form will be transferred to your actual application forms. It is therefore important and useful to complete the common questions prior to the site being live i.e. able to accept applications, in January.

The application(s)

Ultimately, there is no limit to how many applications you can submit. However, it is important to conduct research on pupillage at your intended AETO appropriately and to also manage your time efficiently when drafting applications. The application will require you to provide information such as:

  • Personal details
  • Educational information
  • Employment and work experience history
  • Skills, memberships and qualifications
  • Responsibilities, awards and interests
  • References
  • Extenuating circumstances

In addition, each application to individual AETOs will include up to 5 additional questions of their choice – for example, ‘why would you like pupillage at XYZ Chambers?

Once completed, applicants will submit each application. Afterwards, they should expect to hear back from the AETO themselves, or via the application status on the Gateway.


Understandably, it is hugely important to keep an eye out on the deadlines! Usually, the vacancies are released around November/December. At that point, you can start drafting your applications. However you can submit them from January with a deadline for submissions around February. It is therefore crucial that you wrap your head around those dates and stay updated with any changes. Taking that into account, our Key Dates For Future Barristers calendar will provide you with any upcoming deadlines which you can use as a prompt.

For more information on how to use the Gateway, see the FAQ section online.

You can find out more about the types of work experience which can provide you with valuable experience for your pupillage forms on our work experience blog page, and stay up-to-date on recent news and topical issues within the profession. This is the reason that here, att Align, we match students to relevant work experience, saving them time and effort, choose from one of our options here-

Best of luck with all your applications!

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