Article- How does a coach help a law student/young legal professional

May 20, 2023

Coaching provides an invaluable space for personal development. As a law student or young legal professional, it is crucial to strive for improvement of one’s professional portfolio and skillset. Coaching is one of the best ways to help individuals become the better version of themselves and you can find a wide range of personal benefits from coaching including improved communication, higher productivity levels, and a greater ability to establish and take actions towards achieving goals.

Coaching helps to unlock a person’s potential, maximise performance, and boost an individual’s confidence and ability to reflect. Coaching has traditionally been associated with sports, with coaching seen as necessary to become a top athlete, but it has become more widespread and is seen in every area of society, including business and education. As such, coaching is used to help individuals stand out from the wave of competition and would be extremely beneficial for law students and young legal professionals to enhance their professional portfolios and get to the top.

Alignthebar is an example of coaching in practice, outside of the sporting industry. Alignthebar was created for future barristers at all stages of their pursuit to gain a practical understanding of what it takes to become a barrister and has extended to all future lawyers. We provide personalised career and academic coaching to enable individuals to raise their profile, build professional confidence, and develop a strong and competitive legal CV. 

It all started when Neive Augustin, the CEO of Alignthebar, envisioned a way to support individuals with their professional and academic development, applying her knowledge and experience in coaching herself; through mapping out a personal plan to create a strong and competitive CV targeted at obtaining pupillage, she was able to achieve that goal and a coveted Inns of Court (Gray’s Inn) Bar Course scholarship. By making a plan and applying this knowledge and experience to Alignthebar, we can provide a deep understanding of the process of becoming a lawyer, and give workable strategies that can be applied to law students and young legal professionals to help them with their journey to the Bar and into the legal profession! We take a holistic approach to your professional portfolio; grades, work experience and soft skills.

Through our legal coaching, individuals can benefit from our expertise and guidance with a tailor-made approach. Our Signature “The Future Lawyers’ Coaching Club” is revolutionary and is impacting and changing lives daily. We provide ongoing support throughout the month, 3+ times a week through articles, videos, guest interviews, our Private Facebook Group and includes Live Group Coaching Sessions 2x a month, where your questions are answered on-the-spot. Join Our Club here:

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