Personal accounts of the journey to the Bar.

What/Who are the Inns of Court?

The four Inns of court in England and Wales are Middle Temple, Gray’s Inn, Inner Temple and Lincoln’s Inn. The Inns are professional associations for barristers which oversee several aspects

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The UK emergency alert

Emergency Alerts have existed in other countries for a while, and the UK government has announced that it will also implement an Emergency Alert system to protect UK citizens. Users

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Resulting and Constructive Trusts

The topic of trusts is generally discussed below. The story of a famous sportsperson has been used as reference, however we consider the legal topic under English law. Any mention

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Bridge the Gap

Align bridges the gap for persons from under-represented groups by providing access to the information needed and by providing a practical immersion in the profession, thereby equipping them with the tools needed to make an informed decision about their career.

Tailored Road-map

Align uses its diagnostic "Assessment Form" to capture a user’s preparedness for the Bar, match them with an adviser and then build a uniquely structured "Achievement Ladder" with bespoke resources- tasks, advice and signposting to events.

Interactive Digital Platform

Align is passionate about guiding the next generation of barristers by using technology to offer a personalised service.

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