How To Become A Solicitor In Scotland

August 25, 2022

There are three routes to becoming a solicitor in Scotland.

The Standard Route

If you choose to follow the standard route, you will have to complete the four-year LLB. Following your LLB, you will have to study the Diploma in Professional Practice, which is a one-year course which will develop your professional skills and will prepare you for the last step, your two-year traineeship under the supervision of a qualified Scottish solicitor.

The Non-Law Graduate Route

The second route one can take is designed for those who did not study law at the undergraduate level. As such, if you have a previous undergraduate non-law degree, you can apply to study the accelerated two-year LLB. At the end of the accelerated LLB, you will have to study the Diploma in Professional Legal Practice, followed by a two-year traineeship.

The Pre-PEAT Training Contract

The last route is the pre-PEAT training contract. This is mostly targeted at those that did not study an LLB at an undergraduate level but are working in a solicitor’s office and want to qualify. If you choose this route, you will have to work in a solicitor’s office whilst also studying for exams and completing the Work Based Learning Module set by the Law Society of Scotland, which is the Scottish regulator.

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