How to make an application to Strike-out a Defence and/or request Summary Judgment

April 28, 2022

This video focuses on how to make an application to strike out a Defence and ask the court to grant Summary Judgment. These are common advocacy exercises that students will be expected to perform on the bar course, and it’s likely going to be found on the Civil Litigation module or a separate “Skills” module. This video demonstrates how to successfully make these applications during your training as a barrister.

Strike-out and/or summary judgment

These applications will require you to identify on which grounds a court may strike out a statement of case or grant summary judgment. You will then apply this to the client’s case.

THIS PERFORMANCE IS MERELY AN INDICATION OF HOW AN APPLICATION MAY BE PERFORMED. The recording has been made without the entire bundle of documents, and based solely on the contents of the skeleton argument. Students should bare this in mind not to rely on certain factual details in the recording, when doing strike out or summary judgment applications in the future.


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