Inns of Courts Scholarships

April 6, 2022

The four Inns of Courts (Inner Temple, Middle Temple, Lincoln’s Inn and Gray’s Inn) offer a variety of scholarships for aspiring barristers. The scholarships offer funding to cover some or all of the costs of doing either the GDL (GDL scholarships), the BPC and Pupillage.

You may only apply for a scholarship from one of the four Inns and the amounts awarded from each Inn will differ. For example, Gray’s Inn currently award merit-based scholarships and candidates are automatically awarded £5,000 if successful (before means testing). You will need to apply for a scholarship for the year which you intend to begin your Bar training, GDL or Pupillage.

Each Inn will provide detailed instructions on how to apply for a scholarship on their websites. There will be details on the application and interview process, and the qualities which each Inn is looking for when considering eligible candidates. Whilst some Inns will interview all candidates after receiving their applications, the others will opt to shortlist candidates for interview. Often, this will form the basis upon which candidates then decide which Inn they would prefer to become a member of.

Remember, there will be specific deadlines which you are required to submit your application by. Also, if you are successful in obtaining a scholarship from one of the Inns, you must subsequently become a member of that Inn, if you are yet to apply for membership. The Inns will also often supply candidates with additional information by way of online Q&As, podcasts and social media posts on what it takes to be a successful candidate.

The Inns will be on the lookout for your ability to demonstrate skills such as intellectual ability, communication, commitment to the Bar and your abilities with mooting and advocacy. It is important that candidates take their time, and proof read their applications to ensure the best possible outcome. The Inns will require you to demonstrate these skills both within the written applications and during interview.

Whilst the competition is high, everyone has an equal chance of being successful in obtaining a scholarship to fund their course. However, it is important to remember that if you are unsuccessful, your course provider will likely also be offering scholarships. Be sure to apply for those too!

Our advice is:

  1. apply – you have a better chance if you apply;
  2. be yourself; and
  3. prepare well.

You can find out more about how to submit a successful application by viewing or listening to how CEO of Align, Neive Augustin secured a Gray’s Inn Bar Course scholarship via these links:



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