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If you answered no to at least 1 of these questions, choose Option A to learn about our Whole Barrister [Lawyer] Mentoring Program.

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"Alignthebar and Barrister Neive Augustin personally aided me to build my legal portfolio and comprehend the career of a barrister in depth. The program helped me improve my legal writing skills, and increased my engagement with the legal profession through mini-pupillage applications, law essays, webinars, and advocacy clubs. The members' profile was very easy to follow and updated with new content every month to develop stronger and more comprehensive experiences. Not to mention, Barrister Neive provided unfathomable support and individual care and counseling to ensure progression in my career as a future barrister."

Our Whole Barrister Mentoring program has a direct focus on pointing you in all of the right directions and supporting you along the way.

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If you answered yes to at least 1 of these questions, choose Option B to learn about our Accelerated Coaching Program.

See what our customers say...

"I absolutely love the services that Alignthebar provide. Because of them I got the opportunity to apply for a County Court Advocate position. I would not have come across this opportunity if it wasn't for Alignthebar. They also helped me with my BTC application. The tutoring is amazing. I recommend everyone to subscribe. "

Our Accelerated coaching program provides one-off specific guidance. We support you over 2 weeks on the requested area for e.g. a detailed CV audit to identify gaps.

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If you have started building some work experience and need to work with a coach to continue that deep work or if you have zero work experience and need longer term coaching, Choose Option C.

See what our customers say...

"Thank you Neive for everything you have done for me. I'm glad that I found you and your team to help through my journey."

Our Premium coaching program provides intense multiple 1-2-1 virtual sessions to help you build your legal portfolio. A recent mentee had multiple roles to choose from and we help you identify your strengths, create strategies to achieve them and provide excellent support as you climb the ladder of success.

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