Contract Law Revision Notes

Contract Law: Repudiatory breach

A repudiatory breach is a fundamental breach of contract that occurs when one party to the contract commits a serious and substantial breach of their primary contractual obligations. This breach

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Contract Law: Vitiating factor

A vitiating factor is an occurrence that taints the consent of the agreement to a contract which renders a contract voidable. If there is a vitiating factor, the contract will

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Contract Law: Equitable remedies

In addition to the contractual remedies that a party can receive, equity can also intervene to provide further remedies in certain situations – Co-operative Insurance Society Ltd v Argyll Stores

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Contract Law: Contractual remedies

The typical remedy for breach of contract is damages. This obligation to pay damages for breach of contract arises out of the contract itself as an implied secondary obligation implied

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Contract Law: Anticipatory breach

Anticipatory breaches are repudiatory breaches that occur before the time for performance. These occur where one party clearly and unequivocally communicates, either through their words or conduct, that they will

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Contract Law: Exemption clauses

An exemption clause is a contractual clause which attempts to exclude or restrict a party’s liability. The clause aims to exclude liability for legal wrongs, such as breach of contract,

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Contract Law: Frustration of a contract

Where there is a radical change in circumstances by something unforeseen, unpreventable and unattributable to either party, the contract is automatically discharged for the future. Therefore, neither party will incur

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