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Our Story

Align was created for future barristers at all stages of their pursuit to gain a practical understanding of what it takes to become a barrister. We offer a tailored road-map to becoming a barrister and build a uniquely structured Pupillage Achievement Ladder for each user based on their individual needs.

Persons with limited connections at the bar find it more challenging to build strong legal portfolios than their socially and financially advantaged colleagues who likely have knowledge of someone in the profession. Therefore we replace the advantage with digital tools to provide the user with a frame of reference.

Align bridges the gap for persons from under-represented groups by providing access to information and equipping them with a practical immersion in the process, because everyone should have the opportunity to make an informed decision about their career choice, not only persons who have connections.

Our Story

Founded in  2020 by our CEO Neive Augustin, the vision of Align the Bar is to support law students in their professional and academic development.

Students from a non-traditional legal background i.e. no immediate connections within the profession, may find it more challenging to build strong legal portfolios than their more connected counterparts.

Sometimes, law students know where they want to go, whether that may be down the Barrister, Solicitor or another legal route. However, what can be a bit of a mystery is how on earth to get there….

Introducing Align The Bar.

Align The Bar provides personalised career and academic coaching to future lawyers, enabling you to raise your profile, build professional confidence and develop a competitive legal CV. 

Our diagnostic approach works with you, firstly to assess exactly where you are on your legal journey and what skills and understanding you are yet to acquire.

Once that is understood, we then prescribe the tools you need to get from LLB to legal professional.

Whether you would benefit from academic tutoring, advice on routes into the profession or a CV audit, Align the Bar can identify your need and tailor its services to help get you to your desired destination. 

Let us point you in the right direction with our Signature coaching program.

Our Team

You will introduce with our expert team member

Aaron Buckley

Founder & President

Aaron Buckley

Associate Director

Aaron Buckley

Senior Tutor

Aaron Buckley

Senior Tutor

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