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GRADE: 72% Part A question 1 The Doctrine of Direct Effect is defined as the capacity of a norm of Union law to be applied in a domestic court proceeding,

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LLB- Criminal Law Problem Question

GRADE 62% QUESTION 1  FCL, T2 FCL 010, MOD 000011 Introduction – Advise Clara on her criminal liability   This problem question will address Clara’s criminal liability under: s.9 (1)(b) the

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LLB- Criminal Law Essay

GRADE 75% This paper will summarise Zach Leggett’s points of view on the Darroux case, based on his article “Theft: appropriation through submitting false claims? Darroux v R”. The key

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LLB- EU Law Essay

GRADE 72% The wordcount in this paper,  excluding the footnotes, the explanatory notes, and the bibliography, is as follows:  Essay: 1,500 PQ 4a: 500 PQ 4b: 500 PQ 4c: 500

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UK Bar Course/BPTC/BPC/BTC- Opinion Writing

Grade: Very Competent (VC) Sample Opinion   IN THE PROPOSED MATTER BETWEEN:                                                         Laing Allfrey Limited                              Proposed Claimant                                                                           and                                                         Chester College Limited                       Proposed Defendant  __________________________________________ OPINION ___________________________________________  

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