What is an Opinion?

May 13, 2023
Please see a Sample Opinion with a Very Competent Grade here: https://alignthebar.co/4535-2/


What is an Opinion

An opinion is a written piece providing advice on legal issues. A Barrister is often required to draft opinions in aid of clients seeking to resolve a dispute.
In drafting an opinion you are required to provide analysis based on the stance of the client, the opponent and the court. In assessing the aforementioned, you will lastly provide instruction based on your own views.

Barrister Suzanne Reece provides 10 ways to perfect an opinion:
1. Read instructions and case papers properly.
2. Identify the key facts or important facts.
3. Identify all the key factual and legal problems.
4. understand the arguments.
5. Think like barrister (logical assessment)
6. Evaluate the law, facts, evidence and issues.
7. Express an opinion on key issues.
8. Set out reasoning and conclusion.
9. Create a clear and logical structure.
10. Use the appropriate language and style.

Source: Suzanne Reece; 10 Reasons You Didn’t Write An Outstanding Opinion.

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